Keva J. Richardson

Academic Officer in charge of daily teaching, academic planning and quality control

Martin Nghilifavali

Cycling Manager, former participant and volunteer

Anneke Kat, Clark University (United States)

Administrative duties, website content and keep up

 Tom Brouns

Tom Brouns

Founder of PAY Swimming Programme; swimming and triathlon coach

Eva Shitaatala, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences (Finland)

Tutor in maths & physical science

Cara Gross, Clark University (United States)

Tutor in English, assisting with maths and homework

Wilfred Kuria

Wilfred Kuria

Trust Secretary at Xnet Development Alliance Trust, Namibia

Lizz Piccoli, University of Toronto (Canada)

Tutor in maths, English, physical science.

Julia Bauer, photographer from Berlin (Germany)

Teaching principles and basic skills in photography. Many of the photos you see on this website are her work of art!

Darko Pešikan

Tutor in maths and computer science

James Repp, Valparaiso University (USA)

Tutor in maths, physical science and English, sports/fitness leader

Caroline Kandjii, UNAM (Namibia)


Kayla Jeremia, UNAM (Namibia)

Volunteer Recruitment, Organisation and Logistics

Charles Guim, UNAM (Namibia)

Tutor in Accounting and Business