athlete of the month

Congratulations Fiffy Kashululu for being PAY’s Athlete of the Month for September! PAY’s Elite Cyclist Member was nice enough to sit down and chat with one of PAY’s volunteer to talk about his upcoming journey to South Africa for the Cycling Training Camp he will be taking part in October. Fiffy shares his excitement, worries, stories and future ambitions of his current situation in his cycling career!


[Jordan Frost spoke to Fiffy]

Q: How did you earn this wonderful opportunity of attending the South African Training Camp?

A: I was tested at the Babati/Tanzania UCI Talent Identification Camp. They gave me 20 minutes to complete 12km of climbing hills with a bike that was attached to computers. So since I completed the task on time with an average of 100 cadences, I am able to attend the South African UCI Camp!

Q: What are you most looking forward to about travelling and staying in South Africa?

A: First of all, what I am looking forward to is receiving better training than what I am doing now to improve myself as a cyclist. I also want to gain racing experience and winning experience. I am looking forward to testing my abilities against the stronger riders. I am also excited to see new places such as Johannesburg, and Robben Island. As well I would like meet one of my favourite DJs, DJ Tira and my favourite rapper, K.O.!

Q: What will you miss most about Namibia and the PAY Organization?

A: I will mostly miss the special treatment I receive racing and training in my home country.  I will definitely miss the traditional food of Namibia, especially Oshingali. As for the PAY Organization, I will miss all the regular faces that I am use to seeing because they know how to make my day. I will also miss playing football with the young ones as I learn a lot from them every day! The meetings I regularly attend on Mondays and Thursdays with the rest of my team will surely be missed too. Most of all, I will miss my coach and my teammates, as I am hoping the rest of the team will be able to travel to South Africa with me!

Q: What is your overall goal/objective after your South African experience?

A: My ultimate goal is to put the PAY Elite Cycling Team on the podium at every race! I will do this by sharing whatever I learn at the UCI with my teammates and the younger cyclists at PAY.

Q: Leading up to this occasion, what message would you like to share with the future cyclists at PAY?

A: First of all, the sport of cycling is a pain and gain game. I would like to remind them to never give up on what they aim for until they achieve it. I would also share with them one of my favourite quotes by Lance Armstrong, which is – “pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever.” I will then emphasize my specific approach to my success, which is to learn how to live, eat and breathe cycling!