In order to ensure realisation of its aims and objectives, P.A.Y.  has established a Steering Committee whose members include prominent members of the local community who have supported P.A.Y. financially, logistically, intelectually and in other valuable ways. Its main responsibility comprises regular oversight of the various activities that P.A.Y is carrying out, strategic planning and accountability. 

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P.A.Y. organizes “Parents meet P.A.Y.” meetings whose aim is to keep the parents up to date with all the activities P.A.Y. is conducting on a daily basis as well as to draft their support in financial or logistical terms. Those parents who are able to pay are asked to contribute a small monthly fee of N$10. The money frm these proceeding is mainly directed toward providing snacks between academic tutoring and sports. Parents will obviously want to know how this money is being spent thus providing us with an important accountability mechanism.

Following successful realization of its projects, P.A.Y. is required to submit project completion reports to its diverse partners, including the Government, UK Sports, ILO and BEN Namibia. The fact that these partners continue to support our activities in successive years is an indication that those reports were favorably received.

Sunday radio show features regular weekly updates on P.A.Y. activities. These reports are delivered by our programme coordinator and/or individual P.A.Y. Officers in charge of Academics and Sports. Hence, by accounting to the general public for its activities, P.A.Y. retains a high degree of transparency. 

P.A.Y. is continuously developing an internal quality control mechanism wherein the children’s progress is monitored throughout the academic year, their performance at the end of each semester compared to their school reports for each major subject (English, Maths, Physical Science, Life Skills, Biology, Business) and progress thus ensured. P.A.Y. has a confidential internal registry to facilitate the monitoring process.