T-Rex Red Square Duathlons

Early members of the PAY Elite Cycling Team dominated the Red Square Duathlon Series by breaking numerous records including fastest overall time, biggest lead, etc. The PAY Team quickly was recognized as a force to be reckoned with, as they changed the face of the series in 2012. Laban, Jo-Joe and Fiffy all regularly came first in their respected age categories as well as overall in the competition beating out the best athletes from Namibia’s capital city.  These elite members then utilized their expertise to coach both the Junior Boy and Girls’ Duathlon Team for the T-Rex Iron Child Duathlon Series.


Elite Cycling Team deservedly show off medals af the Red Square Duathlon! Fiffy celebrates after breaking a record with Jordan, PAY Fitness Trainer.

T-Rex Iron Child Duathlon

During 2012 and early 2013 the Junior Duathlon teams took part in numerous duathlons around Olympia. Many team members found success in both the running and cycling aspects of the race, thus taking home prize money on a constant basis. PAY Duathlon teams trained very hard during and after PAY programming hours in order to shine through the competition. The PAY Duathlon Team grew throughout the months of July and August which strengthened the team leading to a variety of first place prizes and records being broken. The success of all PAY teams in duathlons encouraged the centre to host their own event in July of 2012. Junior PAY teams are essential for developing mid-to-long term PAY cycling strategy since this is where PAY generates a pool of prospective cyclists from which we recruit elite cyclists.

Duathlon 2    

Selma before the Iron Child Duathlon!~The 2012 PAY Duathlon Team before their first ever race!~Martin and Petrus leading the pack during the duathlon!


On July 22nd 2012 PAY teamed up with T-REX to host the first ever duathlon in Katutura. All members of the PAY Elite Cycling Team and PAY Junior Duathlon Teams took part in a historic race that had both a road and mountain route for competitors across Windhoek. The race was organized by PAY staff, volunteers, participants, and the cycling teams with help from T-REX staff, sponsors and volunteers from the Katutura Community as the start line was by the PAY centre. Members from the PAY team took first prize in every age category in their hometown, making this the most successful race for the PAY Duathlon team since its birth.

The Physically Active Youth Duathlon Team broke records and made a mark in history when a PAY participant crossed the finish line first in every single race during the PAY Tura Duathlon; however this day was particularly special as it was the first ever race to both start and end in Katutura. Fiffy was the champion in the Elite Road Race while Nghilifa won gold in the Elite Mountain contest. Martin was the first person to cross a Katutura finish line in his Junior contest, while Petrus took first prize in the Under 16 Category. Sofia won the Girls U14 division while Ronaldo finished first in his respected event.

                The true defining moment of the PAY Tura Duathlon was when we reached our goal of breaking barriers down. Fans, citizens, coaches, volunteers and PAY participants were cheering for every single competitor. Smiles on the faces of everyone attending became a norm, as a sense of unity and togetherness filled the Katutura community making it a day to remember forever!

Duathlon 3


The PAY Team celebrating all their successes at the conclusion of the first ever duathlon held in Katutura!