The fluctuating number of interns/volunteers throughout the semester is a main challenge to organising an effective and continuous after-school teaching at P.A.Y. This is exactly where e-Learning comes into play as a possible strategic solution to many logistic challenges P.A.Y faces in everyday work. Therefore, since March 2012, P.A.Y. has been working hard on making eLearning a core part of our curriculum.


To this end, P.A.Y. has secured a donation of 20 classmate PCs from a Portuguese company JP - Inspiring Knowledge dedicated to the design of technology solutions. Thanks to JP we have set up a computer lab.  Moreover, we have also secured educational support of an e-Learning company called Video Tutor (VT) based in Germany. VT comprises an international team of young academicians and researchers from leading universities in the world.

The aim of our e-Learning strategy is to bring the advantages of virtual education closer to learners who might not have this privilege otherwise, but do so in a systematic and comprehensive way. VT provides access to peer-reviewed, example-based teaching material tailored to match Namibian curricula for grades 7 to 12, which comes in very handy in days when P.A.Y. is understaffed. Video Tutor presentations are clean, uncluttered delivery systems for a focused learning experience. This way the learner’s brain deals only with what is relevant to the topic under discussion. Furthermore, VT provides one-to-one or one-to-many online tutorials using various platforms: its own virtual classroom, Skype and moderated threads, all delivered by a diverse team of independent tutors, each bringing their own skills and style to the endeavor.

Such an approach ensures (a) development of computer and Internet skills that are transferable to other facets of learner's lives and (b) facilitation of learning because of the broader perspectives through input from learners themselves. Often they can explain things to each other better than instructors; this also helps build up self-confidence and fosters the spirit of mutual understanding.

P.A.Y. program is making its presence at 8th eLearning Africa conference (May 29-31, 2013 Safari Conference Center Windhoek, Namibia). Read a lot of engaging interviews, inspiring insight and informative statistics in the eLearning africa Report.

If you want to check you knowledge, we developed some online tests for you.