How we make a difference in terms of....

  1. Academics? P.A.Y. is most proud the passing rates of our participants in grade 10 and grade 12 to their Katutura peers who do not attend the programme: 91% for P.A.Y. youth, vs. 37% Katutura average. Thus its primary aim is overwhelmingly achieved.  Moreover, one of our grade 12 members has achieved the maximum 42 points on the final exams. However, for P.A.Y. this is only the beginning.
  2. Sports? P.A.Y. is constantly producing athletes that can compete at national levels. We are consistently finding that children enrolled in our programmes far outperform their peers in the Katutura community in soccer, basketball and, as of recently, cycling.
  3. Community involvement? The majority of Windhoek’s cycling populations comes from a predominantly upper class demographic. We wanted to reverse this trend by organising Re-cycling Tura: Tour de Tura in July 2012. In so doing P.A.Y. managed: 
    • To popularize Katutura by de-stigmatizing conventional stereotype about the location;
    • To bridge the gap between the city community and the community of Katutura;
    • To bring the sport of cycling to the people, encouraging future cycling participation among the citizens of Katutura;
    • To emphasize the ecological aspects of cycling as a self-powered activity and used it as a platform to raise awareness about the importance of recycling in general, with a focus on glass recyling as this poses a threat to all commuters in Katutura.

    4. Advocacy? As a cogent example of our for advocacy initiative, P.A.Y. made a significant contribution at the 2011 “The Youth Stand for Education” conference with the policy makers (highest level of Government) pushing to:

    • minimize disparity in education opportunities primarily by providing for a FREE public early childhood learning;
    • standardize SADC Education system up to Tertiary Education and
    • increase accountability and give due recognition to the symbiotic relationship between students/learners and staff. A palpable outcome was a large increase in annual portion of the budget being allocated to the National Youth Council of which P.A.Y. is a vital member.