Move Windhoek P.A.Y. Namibia is a major shareholder in a "Move Windhoek: Sustainable Urban Transport Master Plan" whose aim is to transform Windhoek's public transport and non-motorised transport to a sustainable, affordable, accessible, attractive and efficient system. The majority of Windhoek residents make use of taxis, namely 35%, followed by 28% who make use of their own car, 26% walk, 7% make use of lifts, 4% make use of the municipal bus service while only 1% make use of bicycling. Accordingly 27% of all trips that are generated can be associated with non-motorised transport. On average 10.3% of the monthly income is spent on transport costs. This increases up to 22.7% in lower income areas such as Katutura. Transport costs remain to be the main motivating factor for developing non-motorised transport.

Therefore, P.A.Y. undertook to promote the ecological impact cycling as a self-powered, gasoline-free means of transport with massive health benefits. P.A.Y. is the biggest stakeholder in the initiative on the side of Katutura community and its contribution is manifold: PAY promote Move Windhoek it seeks to sensitise youth on the need to rationalize the existing transport system and draft the youth’s support in promoting the idea in their families, schools and local communities. Pollution reduction and healthy lifestyles encouragement among its members and the wider community are two immediate benefits.
On a more practical level, P.A.Y. has organized workshops in collaboration with Bicycle Empowerment Centre to impart bike-repairing skills on its members (as well as other interested youth), who are a part of an elite cycling team trained by national and international professionals. Creating a positive feedback loop, this enhances the likelihood of a successful implementation of the Transport Master Plan. Moreover, it provides sporting opportunities for young athletes and improves access to income generation possibilities thus contributing to one of P.A.Y.’s perennial aims: poverty reduction.