The Nedbank PAY cycling team has started its training on the 1st of December 2012 at Ongiama farm in Okahanja all thanks to the owners Mr. and Mrs. Galloway and family the camp ran for 6 weeks.
On the 20th of January the team did its first race together in its new kit sponsored by their official cycling sponsor Nedbank Namibia and had energy drinks sponsored by their official energy drink sponsor Coca-Cola, and from that day the team has only strived for the best.

In the month of March the team stepped up to a big challenge and entered into bigger races in South Africa namely:

  • Tour De Boland : This was a four day tour that took place in franschhoek a little town next to Stellenbosch , and the Team stayed in Wellington in a very friendly, kind and adorable old lady’s home Mrs. Sharon Montgomery this lady was very welcoming and the amazing part was welcoming us into her house with open arms and made us all feel at home we also had a very jolly, enthusiastic and kind chaperone Taryn Uys this lady was determined to take us where we wanted to go and she made sure we were always on time irrespective of where it was far or near .

For this tour to happen we got transport from the Ministry of Youth Sports and Culture we also got a driver Mr. Asino who stayed with us during the hole trip and our stay in South Africa this man was very much helpful throughout the trip and very respectful regardless of age he treated us very well and was a Father figure to the team and above all he is a safe driver and was very punctual. We also had a medic that was donated to us by a Namibian sport medic Dr Donatha Ngunovandu she goes by the name of Florence Ngunovandu this is a very adorable and jolly young lady and easy to talk to she made sure she dealt with our cries and medical problems.

  • Cape Argus: This was a Cycle Challenge that took place on a Sunday started in the heart of Cape Town and it was a one day event it was very overwhelming as it had so many cyclists and it occupied riders from all over Africa and the world at large. With all that has been mentioned we would like to say thank you to everyone that made sure that all this has taken place and that it was just as we expected Epic!! Is the word.

Without this entire heaven sent people we wouldn’t have had such a wonderful trip. Saying thank you would never be enough for all the great help and assistance we received from all of you. We got to go places some people never went too. Your help in this really plays a big role as you made it part of history for us to go out of the country as the 1st Namibian Development team.

Last but not list I would like to say a special thanks to the Team and our manager Marie-Jeanne Ndimbira and her assistant Ester Hilundwa .

Thank you again