In partnership with SAIF (Self-Regulating Alcohol Industry Forum), P.A.Y. commenced implementation of a project whose aim is to teach Namibian youth how to internalise and practice a culture of responsible alcohol consumption and to help create a value system which they will promote in their communities.

The first workshop was held on Friday, 4th July 2014 under the joint supervision of PAY Life Skills Coordinator Ester Hilundwa and SAIF reps. In the next 32 weeks, PAY learners will take part in a series of workshops every Friday as part of our regular Life Skills activities. Adapting the method of community dialogue known as Community Capacity Enhancement, initially developed to to address the underlying causes of HIV/AIDS, these workshops will tackle the the issues of testing, treatment, care and responsible drinking. This will create a platform were parents as members of the community come together to fight against the consequences of alcohol abuse within their community.


The participants will be divided into teams to discuss the various aspects of the impact of drinking on their health, social behavior and future in the context of their peers and wider community. The participants will then pass on their experiences to the community through cycling. During the two last trimesters, camps will be held in two different academic venues around the country.


Some of the questions learners addressed in the first session were:

• How would your peers view someone who is a heavy drinker?
• How do your friends talk about drinking alcohol is it a cool thing to do?
• How much do drugs and alcohol play a role in socializing?
• How do your family members relate to alcohol?
• How do your friends view the ideal family?
• What is the coolest drink to be seen in your hand?
• What is the attitude towards a sober event in your social circle?

To see how our learners feel about the campaign, stay tuned to our blogosphere ( For regular updates and evaluation of the impact of our drive, watch this space