In January 2014, P.A.Y. registered 120 learners between the grades 1 and 12, including NAMCOL learners and school dropouts.
Betwen January and May this year, our learners have:
  • won 15 medals overall, 4 gold, 5 silver, 5 bronze and 2 as a team (the count refers to junior and senior male and junior female athletes combined)
  • travelled 60 000 km (per person) to reach all the destinations inside Namibia and abroad
  • received approx. the following hrs of academic instruction: 46 hrs in English, 76 hrs in Math, 30 hrs in natural sciences and 30 hrs in Geography
  • spent 46 hrs eLearning different subjects covering Namibian curriculum.
P.A.Y. output 2014 - infographic