Physical activity confers multiple and long-term health benefits. Physically active children generally report happier moods and fewer symptoms of depression than children who are less active. Moreover, physical activity maximises brain power.

Founder and first director of P.A.Y. programme Dr Donovan Dominic Zealan conducted a number of studies emphasising the importance of physical education for holistic development of youth in the post-aprtheid context. According to Dr. Donnovan, the main problems Namibia's education system faces today are related to its past, in particular, to the policy of apartheid and its consequences. If we are to go beyond that past, we need to understand is the nature of the challenges which encompass the full extent of social reconstruction, including tackling issues of poverty, unemployment, education, housing, substance abuse, sexual behaviours, crime and health.

P.A.Y. sees well planned and extensive physical education (PE) curricula in Namibian Schools as an integral part of the general education process. That's why SPORTS is the cornerstone of our strategy to improve the quality of life of young people, that will enable them to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to function effectively in society. We feel that main trust of Physical Education in Namibia must be aimed at educating the pupil as a total entity.

We offer three structured programmes of physical activity:

Moreover, we offer swimming lessons on Saturdays at the Katutura swimming pool whenever we have sufficiently many volunteers.  

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