P.A.Y bids a very warm welcome to Maxie RICHMAN and Khaleeq KHAN from the University of Toronto, Dpt. of Phys Ed, Health and Kinesiology, Canada and William PARKINSON, from the University of Liverpool John Moores Dpt. of Sports and Phys Ed, UK as well as Aklile Mekuria from Ethiopia.

New Volunteers are off to a hot start at P.A.Y. in Katutura

Last week interns from Canada and and the UK have received training from different organizations in Namibia that work on developing youth in low income communities through Sport. Organizations that gave training and presentations also included P.A.Y. Namibia, Frank Fredericks Foundation, Score, and Special Olympics Africa. Mary-Jeanne Ndimbira, co-founder and Technical Advisor to PAY Namibia, Keva J. Richardson Academic Officer at PAY Namibia, Wilhelmina Shiikwa former Programme Coordinator at P.A.Y. Namibia, Juanita Gouws Coach at Special Olympics Africa, Raymond and Hulda, coaches at Score, Stay-C Namases from Frank Fredericks Foundation were among the speakers. They briefed the interns on their respective organizations letting them know who they are, how the establishment of each organization came about and why they do what they do. The volunteers are ready to kick off their activities this Monday.

The training was done in a very productive and open environment where interns were able to have open sessions with hosts were they were able to freely confer their expectations, fears and personal aims. Various topics such as History, Health and Safety, Communication and Cultural Understanding were discussed to give the interns a better perspective and understanding on where the students are coming from and what situations to expect for the next eight weeks.

The two days left the interns with a great feeling of expectation and excitement: "A great place to be working, everyone is really welcoming", says Will from the UK who will be working in the sports department to help teach and support lessons at P.A.Y. Namibia. Maxie says she felt instant connection and an overwhelming sense of community from the moment she entered PAY centre: “Even during our orientation session I felt fully supported in the endeavour I was about to embark on. But meeting the kids was the high point and it is because of them that my dedication and connection to the organisation intensified tenfold because now I am becoming a part of something bigger than myself.” Khaleeq is equally overwhelmed “by the kindness and energy of all the people I have met. I am so excited and truly grateful for the chance to be here this summer (i.e. winter :) and can’t wait to meet the rest of the students and staff I’ll be working with”.

New volunteers will be coming to P.A.Y. in Katutura every day from 10am to 5pm and will support our programme until end of July. We are thrilled to have you guys!

Article by Aklile Mekuria

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